Cloud Migration

Migrating without the right partner is like trying to navigate a course without a compass.

Expertise in Effortless Cloud Migration

Unlocking the full potential of your business demands more than just moving data and workloads to the cloud—it requires a seamless transformation. With our proven expertise, we ensure your cloud migration is not just a server provision but a silky-smooth journey with zero downtime.

Our experience speaks volumes, having been integral to some of the world's most ambitious and successful endeavors.

Essential Factors for Your Migration Blueprint

Navigating the complexities of migration involves crucial decisions: What to migrate, the need for a multi-cloud strategy, choosing the right cloud provider(s), selecting essential services, defining the deployment architecture, and more.

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud offer unique capabilities, often overwhelming even seasoned IT organizations. Realizing the full benefits of cloud—speed, agility, and cost-effectiveness—requires a blend of experience, automation, and meticulous planning.

Leverage Our 3-Phase Migration Process

Achieve a smooth cloud migration by comprehensively grasping your existing environment and determining the optimal approach for migrating and modernizing your infrastructure.


Share your goals as we assess your infrastructure and data architecture to find the best path forward for cloud migration. Utilizing tools like the Cloud Adoption Framework, the Migration Readiness Assessment, and in-depth discovery sessions with your key stakeholders, we will acquire a thorough understanding of your migration readiness.


We will set up a tailored Landing Zone for your operations, ensuring that your network, security, and account structure align with your business goals. As your initial workloads become active, we'll assist you in achieving operational readiness by providing the necessary cloud administration skills.


The final design of your architecture is carried out, with each workload migrated and validated for performance and cost objectives we established at the outset. In the concluding phase, we’ll conduct a knowledge transfer, providing you with any required documentation, templates for configurations, and teaching the operating principles you’ll need for your environment going forward.

How we help

AltoStack provides an all-encompassing migration solution, collaborating with your team to minimize risk and enhance the skill set of your members, fostering confidence in the public cloud. With our extensive expertise and advanced tools, we stand as your preferred partner and trusted advisor throughout your entire modernization journey.

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