Application Modernization

Changing the application's location doesn't change its limitations.

Deliver a modernized experience

Revamping a live application is a meticulous process, and the associated risks may outweigh the potential rewards. Collaboratively, we'll navigate the delicate balance between technology innovation and practical business considerations.

Throughout the innovation journey, we consistently automate and refine systems and processes. By the project's completion, you'll not only have a state-of-the-art application but also the tools to ensure its ongoing evolution.

Do your applications meet your current and emerging business requirements?

Modernizing your applications accelerates time-to-market, optimizes total cost of ownership (TCO) and elevates user experiences. Modernized workloads can rapidly accommodate changes in demand, infrastructure events, and compliance requirements like CPRA, GDPR or HIPAA.

Experience the advantages of operating in a modernized cloud environment

Modernizing your applications and infrastructure improves scalability and increases your fault-tolerance while streamlining operations and costs.


Containers improve developer efficiency, automate deployments, and reduce operational overhead. With our help, you can ensure your images are configured correctly for your workloads and leverage  containerization tools, including Elastic Container Service (ECS), Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Fargate, and Elastic Kubernetes Services (EKS).


Serverless architectures enable your applications to scale with high performance and reliability. Serverless computing removes the burden of managing your servers and simplifies your operations while allowing new optimizations of your architecture


Microservices is an approach which takes monolithic, tightly coupled applications and breaks them into components which operate independently for greater efficiency, scalability, and resiliency. While microservice architectures have gotten a bad rep for adding complexity, when designed and implemented correctly they do the opposite, simplifying your operations while improving performance.

How we help

At AltoStack, we collaborate closely with you and your organization's stakeholders to perform an in-depth application rationalization assessment of your current portfolio. This involves identifying the applications to retain, replace, retire, or consolidate. Subsequently, we craft and execute a tailored modernization strategy aligned with your unique business requirements.

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