Accelerate Your Journey To Cloud

Take the first steps of your DevOps and Cloud Native Computing journey to accelerate your digital transformation and empower your business to stay ahead of the competition.


Cloud Foundation

Making good decisions in the cloud starts with a solid governance approach that directs your planning, architecture, deployment, operation, control and management — keeping you on a path to cloud success. Our consultants help you align your business and technology agendas, making it easier to choose the right route forward, confidently assessing impact and potential benefit. We’ll help you and your stakeholders establish governance, operational and architectural frameworks to mitigate risks and reduce inefficiencies, so you can manage cost, simplify compliance, improve security and accelerate time to delivery.

Cloud Migration

Your modernization strategy relies on successful application migrations. But, in reality, most businesses lack the technical resources, time or knowledge needed to smoothly migrate applications across technologies and platforms — resulting in business risk, disruption and downtime. Our specialist migration team has the strategy, planning and execution expertise you need, across all application migration scenarios — so you can modernize faster and more successfully, while protecting your business.

DevOps Transformation

Continuously improving business capabilities is fundamental to growth and competitive advantage. By adopting a software-led, automated approach to integrating business, operations and development, you gain the ability to iterate and evolve sustainably and, more importantly, at pace. AltoStack consulting and engineering experts will work with you to design, implement and accelerate your adoption of strong engineering practices — ones that prioritize the reusability of software assets and the observability of running systems.

Managed CloudOps

Cloud adoption is typically a technology-driven program and often operational management becomes a secondary consideration. But the processes, SLAs and KPIs associated with running cloud operations are very different from those required to deliver the same services from traditional infrastructure. Let us help evolve your cloud operating model. We take a proactive approach to modernizing your approach to service management in the cloud — so you can work more effectively and ultimately improve your end-user experience.

Reliable Managed Service Provider

Our approach to Managed Services is collaborative instead of outsourced and focus on enablement and transformation, allowing for partnership on long-term planning and automation.

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