Managed Cloud

Services to accelerate your cloud adoption journey.

With Managed Cloud from AltoStack you get full support for the leading Cloud platforms, saving you the pain and complexity of doing it yourself.

AltoStack is a Managed Cloud Service Provider in the UK. We help organisations achieve Cloud success by building control, monitoring and automation into the parts of the business that drive the most value. As a leading public cloud service provider, AltoStack are able to leverage the best practices of the biggest and best Cloud platforms.

Mature Cloud management instills business agility across the whole of your organisation. In practice, the lead time between strategic intent and technology response all but disappears - you can develop faster, scale instantly and iterate constantly. Whatever your Cloud needs, AltoStack’s Cloud services will help you achieve success.

We’re here to work with your team, not replace them

If you’ve already invested in good people, then together we’ll be more effective – however no DevOps or cloud expertise is necessary to get started. If you’re struggling to hire or retain great DevOps or cloud resources then our managed services may be the answer. With vast experience in public Cloud infrastructure and an extensive team of cloud development, security and operations specialists, our goal is to complement, improve and support your existing people and process where required.

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We take on the challenges of Cloud transformation - so you don’t have to.


DevOps Transformation

We help businesses get results with DevOps. We’ll help you embrace automation and deliver software using the latest automation tools and techniques.

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Managed Cloud Operations

AltoStack’s Managed Cloud Operation Services allows your team to focus on delivering great applications and services, while we look after the operations.

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