Can Deploying In The Cloud Help You Cut Costs?

06 Apr 2020

By Paul Riddle


Much of industry is facing a downturn across many parts of their business with loss of revenue lines coupled with business and insurance rate increases. This is before we even mention the costs many have incurred giving their business applications a revamp to respond to the demand for modern apps.

Which brings us to cloud usage which is a hot topic for CXO's with the rush to facilitate remote workers as well as applying a fix to technical debt and long standing issues that were worked around or serviced through shadow IT solutions.

Cloud Computing should mean efficiency, flexibility and cost savings all bundled into one. One of the most significant benefits of cloud computing is considerable savings in a company's IT cost. By moving to cloud computing organisations can save substantial capital costs through reduction in spending on equipment, infrastructure and software. It allows them to rent additional processing power over the Internet without having to use expensive machines as servers. Rather than spending big money on hardware, software or licensing and renewal fees organisations can cut down both capital and operating costs by using the resources of a cloud service provider. By moving to cloud you lower recruitment costs of IT staff and also save on your energy consumption for running your own data centre.

However as cloud infrastructure becomes more complex, cloud costs become more opaque and difficult to track. The "pay for what you use" model used by most public cloud providers adds to the difficulty: If usage is monitored and managed appropriately, this model can result in significant savings, but it's also easy for costs to spiral out of control. This is doubly true if decision making is decentralised across an organisation, with individuals able to spin up instances (and accrue costs) with little or no accountability. Thus, it's important for organisations to employ a cloud cost management strategy to make the most of their infrastructure and keep costs down.

Cloud Cost Optimisation from AltoStack helps companies to analyse their cloud usage, services, and pricing options to ensure that they are only paying for what they need to drastically reducing their monthly spend.

AltoStack can offer you a free of charge Cloud Cost Optimisation assessment that will deliver the following:

  • Gain visibility into your cloud spend
  • Identify mis-provisioned resources and correctly configure resources to deliver performance
  • Identify unused assets within your cloud environment
  • Identify where Reserved Instances can provide additional savings

Ready to optimise your AWS cloud costs today? Whether you’re looking to the cloud for innovation, agility, cost savings, operational efficiency, or all the above, we know you want to do it right. Contact us here to discover how AltoStack can help with reducing your AWS monthly bill.

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