Cloud Security

Protect your cloud footprint.

Protecting your data, applications and infrastructure with Secure Cloud from AltoStack.

High-level security concerns such as unauthorised data exposure, data leaks, weak access controls, susceptibility to attacks and availability disruptions affect traditional IT and Cloud systems alike. Like any computing environment, cloud security involves maintaining adequate preventative protections.

National and industry regulations on how you store data in the Cloud are constantly evolving. It may seem like an impossible task to stay up-to-date while maintaining compliance. However, by working with AltoStack you can protect your business reputation and achieve industry compliance.

Cloud Security benefits


Industry aware Cloud security compliance

Some industries, like financial institutions and ecommerce, have more industry and governmental regulations than others. A robust Cloud can provide an enhanced infrastructure that supports regulatory compliance and protects consumers’ personal and financial data.


Risk and reputation security

Eliminate threats before they cause disruption and reduce your risk and reputation. AltoStack can deploy a security solution that will locate, classify, secure and manage your critical data wherever it resides.


Reducing TCO

Running an in-house around-the-clock security team can be expensive. But by using AltoStack we have the resources and experience to detect and respond to security and compliance events on your behalf. This means you can deploy your staff efficiently in front-line operations and leave us to look after your security and compliance.

Cloud Security solutions



Integration of security into DevOps processes via programmable security controls, automating the security definition, assessment, and enforcement before and after applications become live, and throughout their operational lifecycle.


Security assessment & design

We help you plan, build and run a security program in any Cloud environment, whether private, public or hybrid Cloud. By applying a holistic approach to security, we remove the uncertainty surrounding securing the Cloud without sacrificing agility.


Identity & access management

We implement processes and tools that centralize and streamline access to Cloud services and applications and deliver a roadmap for managing the identity lifecycle based on real-world business requirements and internal dynamics.


Continuous compliance

We work with you to make sure your Cloud adheres to regulatory compliance standards for the healthcare (HIPAA), life science, finance and insurance (SOX & SOC), payments (PCI-DSS), and governmental industries (ISO 27001).

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