Managed Cloud Operations

Your entire cloud infrastructure, taken care of.

Maximise your Cloud platform uptime with expert support from the certified Cloud Operations team at AltoStack.

Our Managed Cloud Operations solutions can help you evolve your Cloud operating model. Our operations team can work proactively to drive performance and continual platform improvements. This means you operate more effectively, and ultimately improve your end-user experience.

Managed Cloud Operations Benefits


Continuous Enhancement

We’ll keep you one step ahead by informing you about the latest best practices and how they will benefit your organisation.


Improved efficiencies

Running an in-house around-the-clock operations team can be expensive. AltoStack has the resources and experience to detect and respond to security events on your behalf. This means you can deploy your staff efficiently and leave us to look after your Cloud operations.


Cost Optimisation

Use AltoStack expertise to uncover your hidden costs and resource allocation. We review your cloud expenses and tuning to ensure you can effectively manage budgets.

Managed Cloud Operations solutions


Cloud Automation

We work with you to automate your deployment process and coding your infrastructure. We are continually evolving our processes, executing smarter and taking advantage of new features.

Learn more about our DevOps Transformation services

Cloud Security Management

We employ industry compliant Cloud security best practices. We ensure that everything is locked down, hardened and in a known state all the time.

Learn more about our Secure Cloud service

Cloud Monitoring

The key to ongoing success and health of Cloud is to pick up negative trends early to prevent issues in the first place. We proactively monitor and check the health of your system, including monitoring of the system, infrastructure, application security, log files and edge services.


Cloud Operations Support

You can call on us 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Our 24/7 support service is a simple, flexible solution that suits any size of company, and gives you complete peace of mind that your business is constantly supported.

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