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Speed migration of applications and workloads to the cloud with our cloud-agnostic expertise.


Staying ahead in an ever-changing technological landscape requires businesses to become increasingly agile and cost efficient. But if you’re still running your own corporate data center, you could be impeding your growth potential — especially as software vendors shift to license-based, cloud-only subscription models.

By breaking away from the in-house data center, you position yourself to take advantage of these new cost models while modernizing your IT — either as the first step toward a larger IT transformation or as the next stage of an ongoing evolution.

Free your business from the cost and burden of data center operations

Realizing the benefits of the cloud requires more than identifying which workloads to move and in what order. By defining a clear roadmap, we ensure continuity of your business is maintained during migration.



We start by helping you define your own Journey to Cloud. Outline Dependencies, priorities, criticality, compliance & license requirements and create an estimated Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for your cloud migration.



Our cloud migration experts work with your IT department to create a technical design, application migration design, migration approach, tooling & the identification of pilot applications and produce a clear migration program plan.



With design completed, we’ll ease the transition to a new operating model and culture. We plan and deploy infrastructure & required resources continuously verifying against set requirements ensuring that acceptance criteria is achieved for the cloud migration pilot application.



Once you’re up and running, we’ll ensure you maximize value from your cloud investments by working with the business stakeholders and product owners to understand and devise a strategy for how they will make use of and deploy cloud services tackling architectural, technical, compliance and governance issues.

Achieve Your Business Goals


Reduce Costs

Eliminating the expense of operating your own data center can yield significant cost reductions while shifting from a CapEx to an OpEx model.


Focus on Innovation

By offloading the complexity of managing and operating your data center, you can focus on your core business.


Improve Agility

Managed services and access to on-demand resources can enable faster scaling and easier access to new technologies.


Increase Security

Get the level of security and control you need, backed by industry-leading SLAs and uptime guarantees.

Why Choose AltoStack

Transition to the cloud seamlessly

When it comes to cloud migration, we're unrivaled in our approach and attention to customer satisfaction. We apply our significant experience to help you with the strategy, timing and roadmap, making your journey quick and effortless.



As an outcomes-driven, boutique consultancy, our automated toolsets and migration frameworks make complex processes fast, easy and secure.



Our years experience and skilled engineers will get you to the cloud faster with efficient, agile and scalable cloud capabilities in place so you can focus on maximizing competitive capability and innovation.


Scale & Flexibility

We adapt to meet your size, demands and market conditions ensuring a successful cloud migration on time and within budget.

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