Cloud Migration

Your business is ready to move to the cloud.

AltoStack helps organisations confidently migrate data, workloads and applications to the Cloud.

No matter where you currently stand on your journey to the Cloud, AltoStack can provide wrap-around support with our Cloud migration service, drawing from best-of-breed solutions with a layer of governance to ensure success in performance, compliance and cost management.

Staying ahead in an ever-changing technological landscape requires organisations to become increasingly agile and cost aware. But if you’re still running your own infrastructure, you could be impeding growth - especially as software vendors shift to license-based, cloud-only as-a-service subscription models.

By breaking away from legacy in-house infrastructure, you can position your organisation to take positive advantage of these new cost models while modernising your IT - either as the first step toward a larger IT transformation or as the next stage of an ongoing evolution.

Cloud Migration service benefits


Reduce Operational Costs

Eliminating the expense of operating your own data centre can yield significant cost reductions while shifting from a CapEx to an OpEx model. Our migration cost estimates can help you identify the true value of your move to the Cloud.


Focus on Innovation

By offloading the complexity of managing and operating your own data centre, you can focus on your core business. Let AltoStack show you how you can minimise the challenges of cloud migration – giving you the capacity to innovate.


Improve Agility

AltoStack’s professional services provide access to on-demand resources and solution tools that deliver faster scaling and easier access to the latest technologies. Our modelling solutions can help you identify the resources you already have that can help you achieve a more agile business environment.


Increase Security

An AltoStack migration plan will help you address PCI-DSS, HIPAA and FISMA security requirements. Additionally, our Managed Security and Compliance Assistance (CA) services will maintain compliance whenever you deploy new systems or adjust existing tools in the Cloud.

AltoStack’s agile approach to
Cloud Migration


Cloud Native Migration

AltoStack can re-platform your applications to take full advantage of Cloud technologies from day one, delivering you the full potential of the Cloud; cost, scale, and reliability.


Migration as Code

Rather than simply migrating your virtual machines, the AltoStack Migration as Code solution builds smarter automated delivery channels and a strong long-term operating model. Server migration to Cloud platforms is a specialist service where AltoStack can clearly demonstrate success.


Incremental & Agile Migration

AltoStack can guide you to identifying the best migration strategy for your organisation, and we will help you to achieve your goals with efficiency. We can also ensure that you align and adapt to evolving organisational needs, delivering results-focused long-term migrations.

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