The right way to realise the value of cloud, right now

Are you looking to take advantage of a scalable, reliable and secure cloud environment? Let us show you how.

Achieve your business goals

Leverage the incredible benefits of the Cloud and differentiate your business.


Unlock agility

Migrating to the AWS Cloud helps increase your overall operational agility so that your business can react to market conditions more quickly and gain a competitive advantage.


Manage IT and cloud spend

We proactively help you manage your AWS Cloud spend with complete visibility and ongoing reporting - we make sure there are no surprises.


Improve performance and efficiency

AWS Cloud is continually evolving. We work with you to ensure your solution is Well-Architected using the right services and configuration, all for optimal performance.


Access the right expertise

Get the most out of your Cloud with the “hard to find” expert specialists such as cloud engineering, DevOps, security, data science and machine learning.

It’s all about the right cloud strategy

Many businesses are shifting away from traditional IT infrastructure and migrating their their systems and applications into a cloud environment to realise the value of cloud. Whether you are only just starting with the Cloud or have been operating in the Cloud for a while, it’s important to ensure you have the right cloud strategy.

With AltoStack’s deep expertise and industry experience, you have the confidence that your cloud foundation environment will be well-architected for operational excellence.

How we get you there

To successfully transform your business and accelerate innovation, you need a partner. A partner who is reliable with deep understanding and an extensive range of technical capabilities. A partner who is incredibly detailed in their methods and who can integrate seamlessly with your team.

AltoStack are uniquely placed to deliver the best possible Cloud solution for your needs - both now and in the future. We work with you in partnership to guide your journey to the Cloud, while ensuring long lasting supplier relationships and support.



Innovation is the core of our business. It powers everything we do and helps us come up with bold ideas and solutions to your most intricate challenges.



We earn your trust by actively listening to you and applying our expertise and experience to advance your best interests instead of creating dependencies.



Our heavy focus on public Cloud, our development of proprietary solutions and use of cutting-edge platforms & approaches means we deliver value quickly for you.



We are 100% committed to the result. We take time to understand your needs and goals. We treat every project as an opportunity to create lasting value for you.

Want to realise the value of cloud?

We work closely with your team to deliver a range of expert services to help you realise the full value of Cloud and DevOps. With our Cloud Foundation Program, you can fast track your journey to a well-architected cloud environment that is built to best practice.