Case Study: AltoStack Helps FinTech Company Adopt Serverless Architecture




CloudFormation, Serverless, Lambda, AWS Kinesis



The Challenge

When Previse embarked on the development of it's machine learning analytics platform, a serverless architecture based on AWS services was chosen. Serverless architectures and the related services being new at the time, Previse needed an experienced partner to help them get up to speed on their journey. AltoStack was selected as that partner.

The Solution

We helped Previse build the initial architecture based on AWS Lambda, API Gateway, Kinesis and other AWS services. We also designed and developed the infrastructure and continuous delivery pipelines to automate the deployment of the core infrastructure and machine learning models.

During the project, we trained the Previse development team on the technologies and tools used, enabling a seamless handover from the AltoStack DevOps team to Previse.

The Business Outcome

Developing on AWS services using a serverless and streaming architecture enabled Previse to develop the solution in half the time and cost compared to traditional, infrastucture based architectures. The serverless expertise of AltoStack was key to enable a seamless rampup of development capabilities in the Previse development teams.